Collaboration and Camaraderie

November 20, 2013

If collective efforts, common ethics and amity are what it takes for a small business to gain distinguished success then NationView, LLC has it down. Nationview is a Native American owned, SBA-certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business. They provide construction, construction management, and environmental services throughout the United States and abroad. Having been established only eight years, Nationview already has much of which to be proud. This past year Nationview was named, “High Performing Minority Business of the Year” by the Minority Business Development Agency. It was an accomplishment that a small company could only pray for, let alone be awarded in their first ten years of business. If you haven’t heard of their environmental or construction services yet, just look at the brick and block contract work on the main ballpark facility at Regions Field. With such successes, you would think that Nationview would be most proud of their prestigious awards or being chosen to help create Barons Stadium. Surprisingly though, David Martin, President and Founder of Nationview, does not think their greatest accomplishment is any of their projects. He explains, “Our biggest accomplishment has been our ability to form a team of creative individuals who share common ethics and enjoy working together. Our staff is fully invested in the mission of advancing our company and they have attracted others to join our firm.” This is their key to success: collaboration and camaraderie.



David Martin always dreamed of owning his own company. After working several jobs after college it was his goal to start a company where he would want to work at if he were an employee. After he was married to his wife Nicole in 2003 they both knew that they wanted to start a family and that he needed to start moving quickly on his business endeavors. Being that Martin is environmentally conscious it only made sense for him to open an environmental field where he could perform investigative surveys. With a clear vision and passion for the environment he went to the bank, borrowed money and made a decision that eventually would change his life for the better.  Nationview was growing quickly, and clients were beginning to ask for qualified contractors on hand. Seeing this as an opportunity, Martin paired the two together making what is today, Nationview, LLC. Martin explains, “As an environmental company, we can assist our clients with site selection by identifying, evaluating and remediating potential environmental issues. Once these services have been performed, Nationview can design, budget, and build your construction project.” They provide services for commercial, healthcare, industrial and institutional clients. It really makes their mission statement “Enhancing progress through collective efforts,” come alive when you see they not only hold a high standard of camaraderie but provide well-rounded services.

These well-rounded services are just another positive of being a small business. Any small business owner knows that there are both advantages and disadvantages to owning your own business. A huge positive for Nationview is being able to work so closely with your staff that you are able to see and discuss all aspects of a project, and ultimately to see the fruits of your labor. It also expedites the decision making process; there is not long list of people to work through. On the flip side the more growth creates the need for more hands on deck. It also can become a concern that a company will get more rigid and become less envisioned. With every positive can come a negative, but Nationview strives for balance and continues to keep the same sense of connection.


Over the past few years Nationview has flourished into a must have company to have on hand.  Clients rave about their services and work.  What really makes them stand out from the rest is their emphasis on working with clients as if they were one company. Martin likes to think of it as, “a partnership with our customers, working towards a common goal.” Employees enjoy the interaction, and clients enjoy the product of the collaborating labor. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We couldn’t be happier for David Martin and his team for all their success over the years. It’s a small business owner’s dream to see their ideas on paper become a reality. If you are looking for an environmental or construction company who has your best interest in mind and will work with you to reach your encompassing goal, you can find Nationview here: and their facebook: