OLLI: A Famous Greensboro “Outlaw”

Date : February 11,2020

Time : 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Location : 909 Market St, Greensboro, AL 36744-1557, United States

Fees / Admission : free

Event Description:

Dr. Adelaide Cherry, provides colorful highlights—both fact and legend—surrounding the exploits of John Orrick aka George Washington Arrington. John Orrick was a native of Greensboro and a Confederate scout in Colonel Mosby’s command. After the war and during an altercation on Main Street, he shot and killed Alex Webb, a Freedman. He escaped by hiding in the cemetery and ultimately fled Alabama with a bounty on his head. He eventually changed his name, served as Captain in the Texas Rangers, Sheriff of Wheeler County, and retired as a prominent rancher. His tombstone reads, “A Fearless Officer to Whom the Frontier of Texas Owes a Debt of Gratitude.” OLLI Bonuses are open to the public and a great introduction to the benefits of our membership program. For more information, visit www.olli.ua.edu or call 205-348-6482.