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Barbecue Pig

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Our cute, fiberglass piggy banks are part of our new “Shop, Dine, Play” initiative to encourage residents to shop within city limits of Vestavia Hills.

One pig “lives” outside the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce office, and the other three rotate between city businesses. Each pig is connected to a genre of business – one for shopping, one for dining and one for entertainment.

Our hope is that people will connect the piggy banks with the idea of investing in the city.

If you find a pig, share a pig! Snap a selfie with the piggy bank and share it using #VHPigs for a chance to be featured on our website.

The shopkeepers of Vestavia Hills believe shopping should always be a fun, personable experience. That's why they like to know your name, your style and your favorite color. We take shopping outside the big box and into specialty stores with specialty service. So when you shop Vestavia Hills, you can have fun, be yourself, and always make a fashion statement all your own.

So when you hear someone say, I wish we had a shop where I could buy "XYZ"......encourage them to check out the Chamber website to see what unique shops we have here. Also the ease of access to our businesses can't be beat. Where else can you "drive up to the front door" when you want to pick up a quick bite to eat, or a unique birthday present, a gift for that special someone or purchase that special outfit for a night out on the town. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see the wonderful businesses we have in our community if you will proactively “shop local” when you are making a purchase. After all, the sales tax collected goes right back into our city and schools to make Vestavia Hills the best it can be!

Sweet, spicy or topped off with something a little unexpected, no matter what you're craving, there's a place in Vestavia Hills that's sure to hit the spot. From week night quick and casual to the finest fare for a special evening out, dining in Vestavia Hills offers an experience of unique and original cuisine, where you can savor the very best from a multitude of talented taste-makers.

Vestavia Hills has something for everyone when you are looking for a night out on the town for that special someone or a place to grab a quick bite for your family before you rush off to soccer, football, cheer practice or a myriad of other things that we do each day.

We have fabulous white table cloth restaurants right here in Vestavia Hills that are among the top in the Greater Birmingham food scene such as Bistro V, FOODBAR and Satterfields and we have many family-friendly restaurants with price points for all.

With Rocky Ridge being the first Entertainment District in the Over the Mountain area, Vestavia Hills will be able to host outdoor events with musical entertainment without having to get special permits to allow guests to take food and alcoholic beverages outdoors to enjoy the beauty of Vestavia Hills.

Quality time together is never far from home in Vestavia Hills. From family-friendly outdoor events to cozy corners for sharing an ice cream shake, there is no shortage of places to go, things to do or places to find a perfect prize. And no reason to spend quality time anywhere else but here.

Enjoy sports or just being outdoors? There are 250 acres of park land in Vestavia Hills with over 11,500 practices by our youth in the organized sports in Vestavia Hills. Want to try your hand at bowling or enjoy dancing? How about sitting outside in a tree house reading your favorite book? Check out the Library in the Forest! Or a program at the Vestavia Hills Civic Center or Lodge? There are 115 programs that take place each month. Whatever you are looking for, whatever suits your fancy, it's all right here in Vestavia Hills!