Social Media and Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce

June 26, 2013

When was the last time you went a day without looking at your Facebook feed, scrolled through your friend’s photos on Instagram, or tweeted a photo of your evening? Social Media is growing more popular as each day passes.

In 1792 people relied upon telegraphs to send letters and messages to others. In those days horse and rider would physically transport a telegraph. Flash forward three hundred years and anything you need to access or send is at your fingertips. Technology and even more specifically, Social Media, has undeniably grown in popularity over the past ten years. Any idea, hobby, recipe or piece of advice can be transmitted onto a computer and accessed by anyone in the world.

As a Chamber of Commerce in a growing and thriving suburb we find Social Media extremely beneficial. At Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce it is our mission to promote and improve the economic, civic, education and general business conditions of our members and community. Whether through our facebook page, our annual Vestavia Hills Living magazine, or simply through the contacts you make being a member we hope to foster our local community. At the Chamber we acknowledge the value and importance in Social Media sites nowadays. Over the past month we have set our sights on using a few more social media sites. We will be using each site for a variety of different reasons, but all for the same purpose, to accommodate the Vestavia Hills community and our members.

You can find us now on Pinterest, Instagram and this blog!

Pinterest is made up of “boards” of photos that link you to websites. Our boards consist of our 1000+ members so you will have plenty of resources to look through. For example, if you needed to find an attorney in the Birmingham area simply go onto our Pinterest page. Click on the “Accountants & Attorneys” board. Find a photo that looks appealing for a Lawyer in town. Click on the photo to open. Click on the photo once more and it will take you directly to their website. We have posted everything from health care to catering. This is the perfect visual online guide to our members and all they have to offer!

Instagram is a fun way to show photos in a quick and accessible manner.  We will use it as a community hub for photos of events that our Chamber is involved. Don’t worry we will not be overloading your Instagram feed with advertisements. Rather, we will be posting photos of our community and events. We even have our own hashtag: #vhchamber. A hashtag simply groups photos together for easy viewing.  So if someone took a photo at one of our events and you want to see it, search our hashtag and if they added the hashtag, you will see it!  Instagram is a wonderful way to encourage community amongst our people and city.

And, finally we have this blog! Have you ever been interested in knowing more about our chamber news, details on our luncheons, ribbon cuttings, or holiday events, and even interviews or spotlights on our members? This blog will be an insiders look at anything you might want to know about Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce.

We are extremely thrilled to offer these Social Media sites as we hope it can be helpful and informative to you! Whether you are a member, resident or onlooker of the Birmingham area we have so much to offer!

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